What do we mean when we talk about equity?

It’s a big subject, but let’s break it down…

To LIVE more INCLUSIVELY means promoting equitable access to:

  • Healthcare
  • Community services
  • Childcare/Eldercare
  • Housing/Neighborhoods
  • Equal rights and treatment through
  • Protective services
  • Justice
  • Safety nets for most vulnerable
  • Strengthening of Social Capital

To LEARN more INCLUSIVELY means promoting:

  • Access, equity and quality in education
  • Representation and diversity in teacher base
  • Diversity and inclusion in related school associations and social structures
  • Safety in education for teachers, administrators, and students

To PLAY more INCLUSIVELY means promoting:

  • Access and Inclusion in
    • Clubs
    • Social structures
  • Harassment-free recreational environments
  • Diversity representation in public spaces
  • Gender and ability equity in play and sports
  • Play spaces that welcome all abilities

To LOVE more INCLUSIVELY means promoting:

  • Protection and equal rights for LGBT, and allies
  • Support for diverse relationships & families
  • Reduction in and protection from intimate partner violence

To WORK more INCLUSIVELY means promoting:

  • Diversity and inclusion across Public & Private sector employers
  • Harassment-free work environments
  • Equality in Advancement, Compensation, Representation

To BELIEVE more INCLUSIVELY means promoting:

  • Religious Freedom
  • Interfaith Forums and Education
  • Inclusion in worship
  • Compassion
  • Support for Non-belief
  • Access to support structures – ex: prayer rooms at work