Do you feel your community could be more equitable, more inclusive?  

Do you feel the deck is stacked unfairly against you or others in your community?  Are you a leader in the community who knows things need to change but isn’t sure where to start.

We hear you.  We believe you.  We see it, too.

Our research and data tell us that many communities have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to equity and inclusion.

We believe it is time for a change, a revolution of sorts.  

We believe that communities and the people who love them have a right to know where their community stands.

We need data.

We need data if we are going to hold communities and ourselves accountable.  We need data if we are going to be clear about where we stand and where we can have the greatest impact.  And, we need both data and compelling stories if we are going to make a case for change.

We’ll start with our equity framework, design our metrics, and fill in the data one community at a time.  

All communities are not the same or face the same challenges or have the same history.  Some of our metrics will be standard.  They will allow us to compare and benchmark across communities.  Other metrics will be specific to a community so we can dig more deeply into the unique challenges that each community faces.